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Missed Sales Conversion for

One of the most disappointing (and aggravating) things for me as a marketer is missed sales conversion. Here’s a simple example from NhomMua’s recent advertisement on VnExpress.

The Problem:

(user flow)

1) I live in Ho Chi Minh City.

2) I go to VNExpress ( I see an attractive (and expensively located) banner at the top of their home page from NhomMua.

I click-through the ad and land on NhomMua. (

3) I see that the product has been sold out. I leave the site. No sales conversion occurs.

The failure here for NhomMua is not that the item was sold out. Ideally, though, I would have been introduced to another deal either through a straight redirect or an overlay saying something similar to “Sorry, this deal has sold out, but here’s another deal you may be interested in.”)

The failure is that I was brought to the wrong page. Clicking on the VNExpress ad banner took me to NhomMua’s deal for Hanoi, but because I didn’t look carefully, I only saw that the deal was sold out and left the site.


NhomMua should have shown me the deal for Ho Chi Minh City automatically based on detecting my IP address. This is a bigger issue for NhomMua versus other advertisements because NhomMua’s sole purpose for this advertisement is to directly convert sales. Each extra step that a consumer needs to make in an ecommerce flow is an opportunity for him to drop out of the site.

In this case, the extra step was forcing me to notice I was looking at the wrong city, which was not obvious, and thus sales conversion was lost.

(One final note. The ad on VNExpress was directly advertising the Hanoi deal - see the “40% off” on the banner and on the actual site). VNExpress may not allow ad targeting based on IP location, but if they do, I should have been given the TPHCM ad. In that case, this would have been a failure on NhomMua’s part.)

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